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គង់ រស្មី (Kong Raksmey)

I’m gender equality. My name’s Kong Raksmey. I’m a male lady. I’m from Prey Veng province. I’m 23 years old. I’m studying at Pannasatra University of Cambodia. I’m a Year 3 student majoring in Business Information Systems. Currently, I'm the President of the PUC Toastmasters Club. I'm one of the breakthrough moment's co-founders. The three important reasons why we need to understand the news: First, to understand well, it will make you trust the right thing when you understand what’s fake news or real news; Second, to act well, will make us know what power in ourselves can do to help our society to be better; Third, to live well, we will live well and always be ready to face all problems in life with happiness when we take news as a part of our life. These are the reasons why I'm here with you to become an ethical journalist.