Hello everyone, I am Engly Tuy. In my journalism career, everybody has called me Sakura. I studied tourism and hospitality, as well as English for administration, in Phnom Penh. Currently, I am running a news website called FYN Media (findyournews.media) linked to my Facebook Page FYP (Find Your Photos – រករូបអ្នក).

I am a former journalist of the newspapers Phnom Penh Post and Post Khmer (both owned by Post Media) from 2013 to 2016, and also a former journalist at the Khmer Times newspaper (Virtus Media) from 2016 to 2018. After I left from the Khmer Times, I worked as a freelancer at La Reine Peanich Newspaper and magazine and as a freelance copywriter.

You may be wondering: I am a graduate of tourism & hospitality and English for administration — “how could I become a journalist?” Or you may be wondering: I have journalism experience of almost seven years — “why do I need to join journalism training?” In my long educational journey, when I started my bachelor degree in Phnom Penh, I didn’t even know what a “professional journalist” was until one day during 2013, I passed my interview at the Phnom Penh Post as an events & marketing supervisor. During that period I pushed myself to become an assistant reporter in the lifestyle section in the Post Media newsroom. It was a good opportunity to work closely with professional journalists at the company. In 2016, I moved to the Khmer Times newspaper as a reporter/ journalist and photographer. These responsibilities made me become a professional journalist and photographer.

However, though I have experience as a professional journalist and photographer, I did not graduate from the Department of Media and Communications or any professional journalism school beside my work experience. This is the main reason why I feel I need to join the “Journalism Training at CCIM,” to learn more about what is different from my experience. I especially want to learn “How to write about political issues with professionalism, security, freedom and transparency.”

For me, learning never ends, and I am happy to have a new challenge in my career and life.

Thank so much for offering the opportunity.