Since becoming a trainee at CCIM, I have come across a lot of experiences and sharings from trainers and teammates. I have realized that my interest is researching and analyzing. I love to listen to the style of reading news on the radio. As a Social Sciences and International Relations student, I must read and follow regional and international events that happen every day, but I cannot distinguish the root causes or the intentions behind them. Currently, what I see as my purpose has met with CCIM, to analyze the news, sources and intentions behind the scenes. I can upgrade my critical thinking, English, and writing, especially to move toward a future master’s degree abroad.

New Tests, New Experiences

Through three days being the head of state of Brunei Darussalam in the Cambodian National Model ASEAN Meeting (CNMAM), I practiced the ASEAN protocol, ASEAN+U.S meeting, and how to fight for one’s own national interest. One interesting thing was Protocol Power, which was covered by co-chairs Laos and the United States. They can dominate all the delegates to pursue their own interests. At one point, I felt my English was still limited, and they spoke fluently and knew clearly the protocol process. At that time, I really wanted to fight with them, but my scarcity and fear told me not to. I strongly supported the clause that ASEAN must commit to reducing environmental pollution, as proposed by Thailand, but the United States wanted to omit it. I want to object and say, “not consensus.” But it would have made the social-cultural committee unsuccessful, and I found it impossible. Finally, I had to follow them. All in all, by joining this program, I am ready to confront upcoming national and international programs that I want to participate in.