I have learned from new experiences and spent the last day of the year with all my friends and teachers in Newsroom, which is great and so productive that I can still learn more new things. Reflecting on news is still going very well, and reading the news every day has become my hobby.

On Tuesday, we went to interview people around Boeung Tamoak lake. The lake is a bit far from our place, so we needed to take a tuk-tuk to get there and spend much money for the tuk-tuk driver. But this lesson was learned and I hope next time we will not spend that much money to commute.

I interviewed one lady who is living there about her family situation after the lake was filled in at some parts. I got her story, but we needed to find more people to interview. We took a tuk-tuk to a family who lost their home and jobs as fishers after the lake was damaged, which is sad to hear the news.

We also went the wrong way with the tuk tuk driver. We lost time to get to the people after we went the wrong direction.

This was a really good memory for us, of the time we did the interviews. But at least we got the information we wanted. Cheers and appreciation for that.