By the Tonle Bati river, in Takeo Province, a historical tourist site. I am enjoying the fresh air in a comfortable place. Suddenly, four poor kids appear and ask for money.

Kids: Venerable, please give me money to buy food.

Sopich: How much do you need?

Kids: Depends on you.

Sopich: Do you know what is needed to get money?

Kids: Hehe, I don’t know.

Sopich: If you want money, you have play rock-paper-scissors with me. If you win, you get 500 riel.

Kids: No, I can’t.

Sopich: Nothing is given for free. I’m giving you a chance, why don’t you just try?

Suddenly, one of the children decides to give it a try, but the three others don’t. Finally, she wins, so she gets 500 riel.

Sopich, to the others: Do you want to try?

The kids are still shy, but they decide to play. However, they all lose. They cannot get money. Although I want to give, I won’t.

Sopich: You see. Only the smart and the educated people win, so please build up yourself to win in your life and not be a beggar anymore.