This week I experienced something different from the previous week as usually I interview normal people, monks, etc., but this week I interviewed high-ranking officials in government such as H.E. Mr. Chin Malin, spokesman of Ministry of Justice, H.E. Mr. Kim Santepheap, spokesman of the Ministry of Justice and H.E. Mr. Seng Sok Mony, spokesman of the Ministry of Cult and Religions. Before I called or wrote the officials a message via Telegram to interview them, I had doubts in my mind: “They are high ranking, and have positions as Excellencies, they may be not be easy to interview or may not answer my questions.” But it was different from my expectation — they are very friendly and cooperated to answer all my questions.

Even though I have founded a website, I am very poor with digital security, but I have an opportunity to learn about privacy and security with my trainer Mr. Robert Starkweather. After two lessons of privacy and security, I am understanding more how to protect my Gmail with the two-factor Authenticator application. And I know about hackers’ websites and how to protect my social media with secure passwords.