Before you read this, let me take a minute of silence to mourn for all the things I set in 2019, which I should have done in 2018 because I made a promise to myself since 2017; you can also do the same for all the bad things you want to let go.

Wowww! Time flies like a missile, and it’s thrilling to see the rollercoaster of my life play out in all sorts of creative ways.

Anyway, I took a step back and realized life can be ridiculous as well as interesting at the same time, depending on your worldview. Therefore, I’ve chosen to forget all the damn past and start to move on.

In a single week, many things can happen. But what happened to the world in the first week of 2020 was even worse than my unfinished plans in previous years. I know I’m going to hell for comparing these, but a billion animals died in the wildfire in Australia, 36 construction workers in Kep lost their lives as the building collapsed, innocent people were dying and the frightening controversy of a possible World War III was caused by Iran, Iraq and the U.S. and many other tragic events caused by human beings.

So it reminded me of what Mark Twain said, “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” This DEJA-POO dramatically gave me many positive and negative thoughts.

Let’s first begin with my undesirable imagination: I don’t want to die young or witness the world suffering in any kind of war and violence again. It mentally disturbed me every time I was on social media, and I was pregnant with lypophrenia for the past whole week.

Plus, I have not set my 2020 goals or finished all of my bucket list yet; my mind is still temporarily closed for maintenance because of travitude. Likewise, I am not physically nor mentally ready yet.

On the other hand, I’m really grateful for where I am at now, CCIM training: It helped me to understand about news writing and realized what is happening around me. And yeah! I teamed up with my lovely partner, Theavy, and we managed to publish a news article together, about busy students’ health issues.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t know I was a textrovert until joining this program; this training has a magic that encourages the lazy student like me to enjoyably write blog and other posts almost every day.

Well, I always try to be a nice person but sometimes my mouth doesn’t cooperate, and now I know writing is the best way to express my thoughts.

Last but not least, I finally related to wabi-sabi — the discovery of beauty in imperfection and the acceptance of the cycle of life and death. Therefore, if you want to do something, just do it now. We might spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door looking for an answer, but in real life we won’t have that much time.

Surprised!!! Did I sound really mature just now? If so, I think my writing skills are getting better now. Yayyyyyy!!!

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