As I work through my resolutions for the 2020s, I’m facing many situations that pull me out of my comfort zone. I have three short mysteries to share with you.

Here is a story of a friend of mine, she is an environmental activist. She is like one of my sisters and I appreciate knowing her and all her activities for Cambodia. But one night before her mission to the province, she chatted to our group, which has four people including me. We met each other on a trip to the jungle and now we’ve become sisters. We like to talk about any problem, happy or sad.

Back to the story, my friend (A) messaged the group to say that a friend (C) of one of her friends (B) told B that she shouldn’t be friends with her (A) anymore. Because she is generous and her job is sensitive, and C doesn’t want B to get too close to A. At night we discussed this in the group and my friend said she didn’t even consider the job that sensitive, and she doesn’t even care who talks bad of her. But I just wonder why people are weak about doing the right thing for society. Her words made me more proud of her, and I respect those people who do work like her as well.

I think living in a community we need to have a strong voice, not just a group of people, to resolve the issues of promoting rights and freedoms.

My second sharing of this blog is about billboards. In the airport where there are gates for multiple tourist departures to somewhere else, that billboard advertisement shows a big, big can of Cambodia Beer. I was surprised to see it and felt sorry about Cambodia. I noted some foreigners took a picture of the billboard and talked to their friends. I wonder, when in the country is there are lots of places, crafts, cultures and beliefs… why an alcohol advertisement is shown to people, why this is the place for both national and international tourists to see too clearly in the airport. If that’s what tourists need to be shown when they come to visit the country.

Back to a good-and-bad I had this past week. I have joined a workshop about the EBA (Everything But Arms). Sitting and listening to the speaker is good, but the great thing is you should ask a question at least once, and this is my weakness to think about questions to ask, especially at an event, because in the past I don’t really talk to each person and I’m a very quiet person at home. I could say that I am reticent.

But since joining in socializing, I can say that I am changing and communicating to more people around me. But sometimes I am still influenced by my bad feeling too that I don’t want to talk with people. Time has changed me more and more until I joined with CCIM. Communication is very important to people’s lives. Especially if you want to become a journalist.

At the event, I also interviewed a woman journalist who was a facilitator for the forum. She is so amazing to me and people. I asked her questions about her life as a woman journalist because I need her story for my group’s news about women in journalism in Cambodia. To hear some of her news was brilliant. I got her interview but this is still happen to me again and again. I did not put my specific angle to get more details about my news writing.

Working as a group is really important to succeed. It’s not just about knowledge; it’s really great to understand each other. Yes, I am proud of my group’s work. We did not finish on time, but we learned more from the mistake. I apologize to the teachers. I know that I’m a bit slow in my work. And give feedback to me. This is great to us. I will take steps to learn as much as I can from you.