1. While the virus threatens the world, some Cambodian pharmacies have increased the price of masks. They don’t help, and instead put pressure on fearful people. (Dried fish lay eggs.) Karma will show that their shops are blamed by the Khmer people and the Ministry of Health.

2. Cambodian authorities have tried their best to prevent and protect. However, it appears in Sihanoukville, we had a lack of human resources and modern equipment.

3. Unreliable and fake news have pounded people who are media illiterate. They are scared, and cannot distinguish which is real. Because of money and popularity, they are shared on Facebook pages and media.

4. Vendors have increased the price of garlic and inspire magic to treat the virus. Around 10 years ago, they encouraged the belief that if we don’t eat mustard and banana namva, we will die. All these products have high prices, so the vendors made a lot of money. My questions: From where did we import these products? Why did they propose that they were magic?

Why can’t we practice the humanity, generosity and friendship that schools teach us?