Why are people wearing masks? Everyone knows that coronavirus is the huge new problem disease from China. But what’s the reality in Cambodia?

Every Friday evening, I like to go out with my friends to eat and talk about some stuff about school or gossip as usual, as people do. By gossiping, people spread information faster than any media outlet does. Well noted. Today, the hot news is coronavirus, and I feel frustrated from all the news on social media and Facebook that mounts and mounts everywhere, especially at the local market when people talk.

For example:

A: Hey neak (you). Do you know the new disease is coming from China to our country?

B: YES YES I know it. It is too dangerous. I heard that if you get the disease you will die in 48 hours. In two days. You need to wear a mask all the time.

A: So scared to leave home. And also I heard that in hot weather like here in Cambodia, it is easy for the virus to spread to everyone.

B: We need to wear a mask whenever we leave home. Oh. One more thing. You can only wear the mask for five hours, then you need to change to a new one. Damn, it’s out of stock everywhere and the price has also increased.

A: Blah blah blah blah.

These I heard from old people talking at the market and from others on social media. I just wonder what this means.

I saw a lot of people cover their faces in different masks, but you’ll look at street food at night, and people really enjoy eating it so much. The evening is a good time for people to leave from work or school and eat those things along the road. I’m both sad and happy at the same time. We are all scared about the new disease, but we are so MONG too (a person who is stupid). So much dust flying every second, pollution we breathe every day and eat meatballs, even though we don’t know what the hell they’re made from.

Life is a joke because we are all stupid in this world.