I still remember the time I laid down by your side and listened to your childhood, the toothless smile you made when we joked around, how charming you were as a child, how satisfied you were after I shaved your hair, and the complaints you made as you were embarrassed for all your granddaughters still unmarried in their 20s and the cute sound you made whenever you were angry. I profoundly remember every little thing about you.

But very last time we met you were sleeping on your bed beautifully wearing all your favorite clothes and the new shoes that my sister just bought for you, silently and peacefully, but you didn’t wake up to say hello to me as you always do. So tears started streaming down my face and I could feel the pain in my chest; it was a feeling that is hard to describe, and I wish I will never experience it again. Yes, you are gone, I know you are gone for good but it was unexpected and too soon because you were just so energetic and talkative just a month before you gave us your forever farewell.

As your granddaughter, there are many more things that I want to show you; there are more gifts I wish I could bring you after coming back from every trip, and I still need you to have my back every time I fight with your son. Sadly, now that you are gone, I will not be able to go around and tell people how lucky I am to have such a supportive and atypical grandma again.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY GRANDMA, I am really happy that we meet today. Even though I regret not having spent more time with you like other granddaughters and not telling you this when you were here, I really hope you can hear it from above and you must know that you will always be remembered and loved.