Recently, I felt as if I had been walking under a cloud, a dark cloud, for quite some time. That’s probably because am I not doing as well as I expected — or am I not ready to cope with the global warming of life? And I was wondering whether those moving clouds ever look down on me and say “let’s give her more thunder and storms,” or “let’s move on from this idiot.”

The riddle was solved after I traveled to the province to cover news and got to see many problems happening in my country and many people facing difficulties, and I was woken up by the brightness of their struggling smiles and the light of their positivity.

Would it be a sin to compare your life with others just to make yourself feel better? Actually, that is not what I’m trying to say; what I mean is sometimes we might feel that life is unfair, life is hard, life is complicated. But wouldn’t it be great if we look a little closer and a little more widely to see the bigger picture of problem and try to deal with it — rather putting the blame on life, while we are not the only one on Earth whose life will encounter problems and unpredictable bends?

Taking everything into consideration, life is a work of art. It is subjective. Each person will look at life and interpret it from different angles and calculate it in countless ways, just like a single piece of art.

Some people will turn to food and alcohol in times of crisis to get out of sadness, while some will run to something bad which might end up harming themselves and others. Afterward, one can feel even worse because those are only momentary pleasures. If we tend to resort to bad habits when things are not going well in our lives, we only double the problems in our lives. As long as we are living on Earth, everywhere is covered by clouds, a dark cloud or a white cloud. Don’t be lazy about using an umbrella if you see dark clouds, and be clever enough to apply sunscreen and enjoy the day if you see white clouds.

Clouds exist up in the sky and symbolize different things. They are the freest things in nature, floating around and having fun. Having enough of negative vibes and getting inspiration from my beloved people and horoscopes, I decided to be a cloud walker; so even the darkest cloud has nothing on me.