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Being a part of my society is so important, so if I can’t do anything to change my society at least I could be able to display its news to the world. Hi, I’m Vannsak Wathnak (វឌ្ឍនៈ វណ្ណសក្តិ), I just turned 19 in 2020 and I’m a native of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Currently I’m a sophomore at Western University, majoring in International Business Administration; also, I’m a former of Bak Touk high school graduate as well, graduating in 2019. My passion after graduation is motivating people to study even though they are older because only education could lead people to have a brighter future. I’m always curious for everything so I always do research to discover the fact and in love with taking photography since I was young. I joined this short course because I have a desire to be a professional journalist; I also want to improve my photography and communication skills as well. I already wrote 2 books, but I haven’t shown and published either one yet. One is about my experiences and challenges of studying in high school, the other about motivating people to live their life even though their life wasn’t shine and got many obstacles unusually in their lifetime based on Buddhism guide line. Vannsak is a creative person who is chasing his dreams even though he got stressed and hopeless. He enjoyed writing and reading and got a C+ grade for writing in his 12th grade exam, which is rare. He is a former of 2nd medal of presentation in his international langue school. In addition he got a first place certificate for outstanding performance in Intermediate level. He is proud receiver of professional journalism training at Newsroom Cambodia at the Cambodian Center for Independent Media. Hope this course would change his life.