Journalism skills are harder than I thought.

My news article hasn’t come out as I expected; there are many mistakes I made, such as: forgetting to ask for more detailed information, not getting a nice photo, using the wrong word, wrong sentences, etc.

I’m facing more pressure in my own business that needs me to pay more intention, but I couldn’t manage my time well. I’m worried about my project, with my client needing to change some ideas, but I don’t have much time to discuss with my team.

Also my health condition is getting weak while I don’t have much time to rest.

I hope everything will get better after me and my “OK! You Win” team finishes the news article.

When I get busier, I don’t have enough time for my family and friends. My best friend asked me, “Do you think you’re not busy enough? Now I’ve nearly forgotten your face!”

I laughed at her and said, “I don’t know too, I just like to learn new things; especially, something about society and art, but it is getting tougher.”

I hope I can win over the difficulty and stay with my Newsroom 2 class until we all are complete.