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អាន ខេម៉ា (An Khema)

My name is An Khema. I’m 25 years old. Nowadays I’m a freelance interior designer. I graduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts in 2015. I love to learn new things about society and art; news is one of my favorite things to learn.

ពលរដ្ឋរស់នៅតាមដងផ្លូវមួយស្ថិតក្នុងភូមិឬស្សី សង្កាត់ស្ទឹងមានជ័យ២ ត្អូញត្អែរពីក្លិនស្អុយពេលធ្វើដំណើរឆ្លងកាត់

ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋ​ដែលរស់​នៅ និង​​ធ្វើ​ដំណើរ​ឆ្លង​កាត់ផ្លូវបេតុងមួយជាប់​របងសាលា​បឋម​សិក្សា​ភូមិ​ឬស្សី សង្កាត់ស្ទឹងមានជ័យ២ ខណ្ឌ​មាន​ជ័យ រអ៊ូរទាំ​​​ពី​ក្លិន​សំរាម​ស្អុយរលួយ​​រហូត​​ពិបាក​ដកដង្ហើម និង​ត្រូ​វ​យកដៃខ្ទប់ច្រមុះ​។

‘We Can’t Breathe’: Residents Along Meanchey’s Smelly-Street Fume Over Garbage Collection, Neighbors

On the road bordering Meanchey district’s Phum Russey Primary School, motorbike drivers cover their mouths against the intense smell of garbage, and residents say they have difficulty breathing.

Is drinking alcohol necessary to be a professional?

What I always hear from men in this society say is, “If you want to have a good job you must learn to drink!” And then the next sentence is, “If you don’t drink, it means you do not respect me!”

សកម្មជន​ការពារ​ព្រៃឈើ ​ស្នើក្រសួង​បរិស្ថាន ​ចាត់វិធាន​ការលើជនល្មើស ​កាប់បំផ្លាញ ​ព្រៃព្រះរការ

តំណាង​សហគមន៍​ចំនួន៣​មកពី​ខេត្តព្រះវិហារ​ និងសកម្មជន​ការពារ​ធនធម្មជាតិ ​ប្រមាណ​២០នាក់កាលពី​ចុងសប្តាហ៍មុន ​បានដាក់​ញត្ដិទៅ​ក្រសួង​បរិស្ថាន ​ដើម្បី​ស្នើសុំ​ពង្រឹង ​និងចាត់​វិធានការ​តាមផ្លូវច្បាប់​ចំពោះ​បទល្មើស​ព្រៃឈើ ​និងសត្វព្រៃ​ក្នុងដែន​ជម្រសត្វ​ព្រៃព្រះ​រការ ​ខេត្តព្រះ​វិហារ។

‘Art in the Park’ Transforms Plastic Waste Into a Dragon, Drooping Branches Into Butterfly Wings

Nine artists will be featured in an art exhibition, Art in the Park, at the French Embassy on March 7 to encourage people’s love of nature.

អតីត​​បុគ្គលិក​​ សណ្ឋាគារ​ The Great​​ Duke​ មិនទាន់​សម្រេច​យកសំណង

អតីត​​បុគ្គលិក​ សណ្ឋាគារ​ The Great​​ Duke​ ​បាននឹង​កំពុង​​ពិចារណា​ទទួលយក​ សំណង​បី​ក្នុង​បួនចំណុច​ដែលបាន​សម្រេច​ផ្តល់ជូន​ដោយក្រុម​ប្រឹក្សា​អាជ្ញា​កណ្តាល​។​

The Panic Attack After My Vacation

Chinese New Year this year was on Saturday and Sunday, which was a good chance for me to go on vacation.

Women Journalists Defy Stereotypes of the Work as Too Dangerous, ‘Not Suitable’

Cheng Sokhorng has been discouraged from pursuing her career in journalism, both at home and at work.

My First Individual Article

For week five, everyone has started to write individual articles. Finding a topic is hard, but finding an angle is harder.

អតីតបុគ្គលិកសណ្ឋាគារផ្កាយប្រាំ The Great Duke តវ៉ាទាមទារ ប្រាក់អត្ថប្រយោជន៍

អតីតបុគ្គលិក សណ្ឋាគារ The Great Duke ជាង១០០នាក់ បានប្រមូលផ្តុំតវ៉ា នៅមុខសណ្ឋាគារ នៅព្រឹកនេះ ដើម្បីទាមទារ ប្រាក់អត្ថប្រយោជន៍ និងសំណងផ្សេងៗ បន្ទាប់ពីបរាជ័យក្នុងការចរចា។

After My First Article Got Some Success…

My first article was tough but got a pretty good result — the hard work paid off.

Fluent in English, Awkward in Khmer: A Generation Is Growing Up With a Mixed Bag of Language Skills

The foreign-language proficiency of many schoolchildren should give them a leg up in future careers, but for some parents it also hints at a troubling trend: Surrounded by YouTube videos and social media sites in English, a generation could be drifting away from Cambodia’s national language.

Third-Week Surprise

On December 31, during the third week of class, and the last day of 2019, everyone tended to have plans after class, including me. So I wore high heels and was dressed up for a party after class.

Phnom Penh Lakes ‘on the Brink of Elimination’: Report

Every lake in Phnom Penh has been damaged by development and its wetlands decimated, leading to severe flooding, loss of livelihoods and disappearance of fish species, a new report says.

Why I Joined CCIM’s Newsroom Cambodia

First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is An Khema. I am an interior designer, I graduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts in 2015.