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សួស ធីតា (Sours Thida)

Greetings reader. My name is Sours Thida and I live in Phnom Penh. Some background about me. I finished high school in 2017. Back then it took me two years to enroll in my passionate major. A fun fact from me: I have studied year 1, or the foundation year, three times till now. Currently, I am studying two majors, which are International Studies at the Department of International Studies (DIS) and Media and Communication at the Department of Media and Communication (DMC). During this summer break, I am participating in journalism training at CCIM. The first impression during the course, I realize that I needed to challenge plenty of reality works. This is an honor to join as a trainee and I expect after the course I can receive the basic way of journalism. I hope people who read till the end will spend your 3 months experiencing with CCIM training program. Better give yourself a chance to see how much life will get.