First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is An Khema. I am an interior designer, I graduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts in 2015. During year three of my college, I met a journalist from RFA that came to interview me about my university moving to a new place. We still keep in touch after I offered him the interview and he became one of my close friends now. We usually have a chat that makes me interested in his job. One day, I told him I want to get a new experience in another job that I’ve never done before, so he recommended me to join the CCIM Newsroom program as a trainee. At the first day of the class, I felt a bit nervous to meet new people and new things but it came out so good — everyone is friendly and kind, the teachers are caring and skillful. I get many good advice from the teachers and my classmates, I hope I can use all the good things I learn from them to help people that need help in the way I can. Being an interior designer I always meet so many different people, most of them are my clients and my coworkers. All classmates in the Newsroom training team 2 are from different positions, different places, and I find out that there are more things to learn from people out there. I’m glad to join the CCIM Newsroom program.