All over the world people are affected by Covid-19; more than 3 billion people in the world have changed their habits, both in their living and working.

These effects put many people in stressful situations. Countries’ borders have been closed, people have been blocked from living in other houses, and most hotels, restaurants, casinos and schools in Cambodia have been closed until the end of the year to prevent an outbreak of coronavirus.

But many students are pushing for online learning. It is a new thing for Cambodian students to adopt this type of education online. But they get bored and do not have meditation in learning. Moreover, they have a hard time catching up with the lessons and don’t know how to start. Another cause that makes students and people more stressed out is if they study or work online and there is spotty internet Wi-Fi or electricity at home.

My first solution to get more control over working and studying at home is to choose an appropriate place to study or work. Find a quiet place to ensure you can learn without being disturbed. It can be anywhere with Wi-Fi and electricity, like at home, in coffee shops, libraries and other places that you think have a good environment and it is easy to communicate in online meetings or studying without noisy sounds.

I think home is a safer place to learn or work than a coffee shop, because home is a private place and you can always clean and ensure good hygiene at all times to prevent viruses.

My second solution is to create a schedule for studying online or working and to keep the habit. Don’t have negative thoughts about online learning or working. This online study or work not only helps to protect students from infections of Covid-19, but it also helps to ensure that students are continuously learning and brings them more insights into new technological discoveries. Moreover, I encourage someone who is studying or working to use a laptop rather than a smartphone.

My third solution is spending time doing exercises everyday to build a strong body, and eating healthy food. Good health is very important to prevent the virus, especially Covid-19. No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to spend some time doing exercises or meditation to keep calm in the brain and feelings. I think it is not easy but you should change your activities day by day to establish good habits.

In conclusion, Covid-19’s effect on working, studying and your moods will not be as serious if you follow my three solutions: choose an appropriate place to work or study, create a schedule, and exercise.