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Set Channy

I'm Set Channy. I am from Preah Vihear province. I'm a law major at the Royal University of Law and Economics. “Love what you do, do what makes you happy.”

Popular Plastic-Waste Campaigner Says Individual Action Can Bring About Change

In order to clean up Cambodia, individuals should understand how small changes in their behavior can make a difference, says a popular plastic-waste campaigner.

Temple Area Protections Restrict Repairs on Road to Primary School

Children living in a Preah Vihear temple area are struggling to get to school due to damaged roads, with rules around heritage and conservation preventing the construction of better roadways, residents and local authorities said.

Residents Complain of Health Issues as Trash Fills Up Phnom Penh Canal

A canal near Phnom Penh’s Tuol Sangkae Thom market has been filling up with trash over the past year, with residents saying they are struggling with respiratory problems and mosquitoes as a result.

Heat, Flooding, Disease: Phnom Penhers Share Their Climate Concerns

Ahead of a global summit that the U.N. is hoping will be the “defining moment” for action against climate change, residents around...

Female University Students Face Difficulties With Phnom Penh Housing

Almost 80,000 students across the country finished high school this year, and there is a lot of demand for student living spaces in Phnom Penh, especially for women.