Dreams are invisible. They don’t exist, but dreams might come true during hard times.

Every week I reflect; I try to make myself more busy. But I’m overthinking and the result is worse; I’ve realized it’s not right, because doing a good thing at the wrong time means less. Every single day, you have 24 hours to do whatever you want — or nothing, because you just bullshit your time.

People take note of Mondays as a new day in a new week, to restart your work, studies, business; start a new life again. It is just a norm depending on who you are, but my new day is Monday too.

I like to promise myself on Mondays that I want to change myself to be better. But Monday comes and I am still the old me.

Go at the problem and try to solve it; that’s my day. Last Monday with CCIM, I went out from the newsroom to get news. I went to get the news with Thina (she is amazing) at the Great Duke Phnom Penh hotel, where people are demonstrating to get their salaries and justice.

Living in this society, it is not enough to just be alive. There are many things that people deserve. But for those things, you cannot stay still at the same place — you have to fight for it.

This world is too cruel if you live in the wrong place. Every day, there are problems and people are fighting each other… forever.

Just one example is the Great Duke hotel. You should know how big it is. And the case there, it’s about how people can be heartless, about humility, and families’ histories.

Over 100 staff worked there for 10 years or more, and they should get their retirement pay. But instead they are standing in front of the hotel’s gates asking for their last salaries. I would easily say: Just pay them. You built a five-star hotel and you don’t have money to pay your staff.

Imagine if a guest came to stay at your hotel for five days without payment. Will you agree to let them leave easily? You would say NO and ask for your money.

Confronting such problems, you will not stay in place. You will demand justice. But it is not easy to get.

But it is better to act rather than do nothing. At least the world will know what you have done is for a good thing.

No one is going to bring a mirror for you because they can already see your eyes. But you need a mirror to see yourself and find your way.