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ប៉ាវ គា (Kea Pav)

Kea was born in 1987 in Cambodia and finished high school in 2006. He graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in business administration on scholarship from the National Institute of Business (NIB) and he was awarded a high diploma in English Literature from the Asia Human Resource Development Institution (Asia HRDI). Kea earned a master's degree in business management in 2010 with a partial scholarship from Phnom Penh International University (PPIU), and he successfully graduated in 2011. Kea has also enhanced his knowledge and skills through the participation of other training courses in Cambodia, Lao, Nepal, South Korea, and Switzerland. To reduce his family’s financial burdens, in 2008 Kea started working as a part-time teacher of English. Later that same year, after finishing his English diploma, Kea worked at a real estate company by shifting the business classes to the evening. After graduating, Kea moved from the real estate job to a telecom company and then to a power/wire cable factory. Since 2010, Kea has focused on humanitarian work, including reproductive and public health, rural development, disaster response and preparedness, water and sanitation and mine action.